Nortridge Loan System User Guide

This online User Guide is intended for NLS 4.9 and later. For earlier versions of NLS, please consult the built-in Help System.

Getting Started Guide

A basic guide to help you get up and running with NLS.

Security Setup

Every function in NLS has its own set of privileges. Learn how to set up privileges for individual users and groups.

Working with Contacts

Learn how to work with various aspects of a contact including their basic contact information, relationships, demographics, collateral, and much more.

Entering Loans

Many types of loans can be entered into NLS. See step by step examples on how to enter certain types of loans.

Printing Reports

Learn how to generate and print reports in NLS by selecting from a list of parameters and executing the report.

Email and SMS

Send email and text messages for late notices, posted payments, and other events.


View visual representations of the data in your database using charts and graphs.

Transaction Entry

Learn about entering transactions with various transaction types and how the funds are distributed.