Loan Input Examples

The process of entering a loan cannot be easily defined in general terms. There are simply too many variations of the kinds of loans that may be entered in the Nortridge Loan System.

Rather than attempt to give information on the general practice of entering loans, information that would not be functionally useful when applied to specific cases, we will provide examples of entering several common loan types. Each of these examples will be shown with the assumption that Loan Templates are NOT used. This way we will be showing all of the loan input parameters and avoiding the confusion that could be introduced by having incomplete information.

These examples must not be assumed to be complete and comprehensive. There are many more types of loan configurations supported by the Nortridge Loan System than could be detailed in any book or help system. If the specific examples do not easily adapt to the types of loans that you book, your Nortridge Software Sales Representative will work with your Nortridge Software Technical Support Consultant to determine the best configuration of parameters to fit your loans.

The loan input examples that will be detailed include: