Loan Template

Much of the information required to enter a loan (interest year, statement codes, etc.) may be common among all the loans within certain groups in your portfolio, or even common to all the loans in the portfolio. To save time, and minimize the chance of error during data entry, NLS allows you to configure Loan Templates. These templates contain much of the information that would usually be entered on a loan, and they allow an operator to bypass the entry of that information by simply selecting the appropriate loan template during the loan entry process.

A template can contain any of the following loan information:

  • Loan Groups
  • Loan Classes
  • Interest Accrual Information
  • Term Information
  • Statement Accrual Cutoff
  • Statement Printing Cutoff
  • Statement Code
  • Late Fee Code
  • Amortization Method
  • Payment Periods
  • Repayment Method
  • Percentage of Principal Reduction (if applicable)
  • Re-Amortization Information
  • Payment Distribution Default
  • Pre-payment Penalty
  • Interest Rate Information
  • Interest Only Period Information

Template setup is configured in Setup > Loan Setup > Loan Template.

There are four tabs available in the Loan Template category by default: Main, Classification, Statements, and Re-Payment. Additionally, four more tabs may be accessed by selecting them at the bottom of the Main tab, these are: Custom Payment Schedule, Recurring Transactions, Beginning Interest Only Period, Lock Fields During Add Loan, and Credit Bureau Report. Custom Payment Schedule and Beginning Interest Only Period are mutually exclusive so only one of these tabs is available in Loan Template setup at any time.

The Loan Template category consists of a toolbar, the template grid (list), and the template setup tabs.

The toolbar allows the user to manage the templates displayed in the template grid.

Loan Template Toolbar

Button Description
Add Add Opens the Add Template dialog box. Enter a name for the template in the Template Name field. An optional description for the template may be entered in the Description field. Once the name and description (if any) are entered click OK and the template will be added to the grid.

NLS 5.16 and later

To copy the settings from an existing loan template, select Copy Loan Template from and choose the loan template from the drop down list.
Delete Delete Deletes the template that is currently selected in the grid.
Modify Modify Opens the Modify Template dialog for the selected template for changing the Template Description of the template.
 Modification History Shows a before and after history of changes to the template setup.
 Print Prints all rows in the template grid.

Template Grid

The template grid displays a list of all the templates available in the database as well as basic information about each template. The grid shows the Template Name, Template Description, and Status for each template. Template Name and Template Description are input by the user when the template is first created. Status shows whether the template is Active or Inactive and may be modified directly in the grid by using the checkbox. If a template is set to Inactive it will not be available in the Add Loan dialog, templates are set to Active by default.

When a template is selected in the grid, its settings are automatically loaded into the Template Setup tabs located directly under the grid. These tabs are where the settings that make up the template are entered.

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