NLS 5.15 and later

NLS 5.26 or later is strongly recommended

NLS can be used to generate documents to be signed electronically using DocuSign. A DocuSign account is required to use this service. Please contact a Nortridge sales representative at to get the process started.

Set Up NLS for DocuSign

Go to Setup > eSignature Platform.

Select DocuSign as the eSignature Platform and fill in the fields for the DocuSign account then click OK to relaunch NLS.

Web Service URL The URL associated with your DocuSign account for API calls. This is provided by DocuSign.
Username The username used to log into DocuSign.
Password Password for the DocuSign account.
Integrator Key This field is not used.
Callback URL This is the webhook URL for listening to responses from DocuSign. For ASP customers, this URL will be provided to you by Nortridge.

For licensed clients, see DocuSign Webhook on setting up your own DocuSign webhook. Enter the URL from your webhook setup in the form of

Creating a DocuSign Document Template

Documents sent through DocuSign must be a PDF file. When working with Word merge documents, convert it to PDF prior to importing it into NLS.

NLS 5.22 and later

Word documents no longer need to be converted to PDF prior to importing it into NLS.

The following keywords, enclosed within backslashes (\), in a document will be embedded with DocuSign entry fields when the document is processed by DocuSign. Up to five individual signers can be embedded in a document using the numeric designation.

n1 - n5 Recipient’s printed name.
d1 - d5 Date the document was signed.
s1 - s5 Signature of the recipient.
i1 - i5 Initial of the recipient.

Sample Document with Word Merge Fields and DocuSign Keywords

The DocuSign keyword can be hidden from view by setting its font color to white. In the Sample Document, the keyword used for Co-Signer 1 and Co-Signer 2 are set to white.

NLS 5.27 and later

100 additional text boxes and check boxes may be added for each recipient.

Text boxes and check boxes may be made specific to a single recipient when the document is sent to multiple persons.

To set a text box for Person 1 (the primary recipient or r1) use \\r1_txtbx1\\ then \\r2_txtbx1\\ for recipient2 and so forth.

To set a check box for Person 1 use \\r1_ckbx1\\ then \\r2_ckbx1\\ for recipient2 and so forth.

Once the document has been created and saved as a PDF, it will need to be added to NLS as a document template. See Installing the Document Templates on how to install document templates in NLS.

Set the template type to Loan Origination and the document type accordingly.

Click then click Options in the Advanced setting dialog and select Send generated documents to DocuSign.

Creating a Task for DocuSign

The installed DocuSign document template is linked to a task so that the document is sent to DocuSign when the task is completed.

Go to Setup > Task Setup > Relationships and add a Relationships Template valid at Task View.

Click in the Rules tab to create a rule to Print a document.

Click document and select the DocuSign document template installed previously.

Click Next to finish creating the rule.

Right click on RELATIONSHIPS and add a contact relationship code to the relationships template so that a recipient of the DocuSign document may be assigned to the task.

Assign the newly created relationship to a task template. When a new task is created, a Documentation item will be created in the task’s relationship tab for DocuSign.

Add a contact to which the DocuSign document is to be sent. Make sure the contact has a full name and a valid email address entered in the database.

Click Send To DocuSign to send the document to the recipient. Click OK when the Print dialog appears.

Once the document is submitted to DocuSign the Status will change to Sent and an Envelope ID field will be populated.

DocuSign Status

0 Not Submitted The document has yet to be submitted to DocuSign.
1 Sent The document has been sent to all recipients but not necessarily viewed by all recipients.
2 Delivered All recipients have viewed the document but not necessarily signed the document.
3 Completed All recipients have viewed and signed the document. The signed document is saved within the task.
4 Declined At least one recipient has declined to sign the document.
5 Voided Sender has voided the document.

Voiding a Document

Once a document is sent, the Void button will become available. A document can only be voided while the status of it is either Sent or Delivered. A document cannot be voided once it has been Completed.