Scripting Examples

The following scripts provide useful examples of VB scripts that may be used to manipulate User-Defined Fields on Contacts and Loans. These scripting techniques may be extended for use in controlling the execution of tasks in the Task Manager.


Please refer to the COM API developer documentation for additional information on functions and fields.


Previous examples used an alternate syntax that created an object to reference the NLS application. This method may not be compatible in some situations. If your scripts are not executing as expected, check and see if your script begins with the Set App = GetObject(, "nls.application") line. If it does, try removing the line and replace all instances of App.function with nlsApp.function in the script.
Set App = GetObject(, "nls.application")
Income = App.GetField("CIF_Detail_UDF1")
Income = nlsApp.GetField("CIF_Detail_UDF1")