Disbursement / Trust Setup

The Nortridge Loan System has the ability to generate vouchers and print checks. These checks can be used for loan disbursements, to pay taxes and insurance through the Escrow Module, to refund overpayments, and to pay other vendors.

Before checks can be printed, general setup related to your checking account and check stock must be configured. To access the global configuration for disbursements, go to Setup > Disbursement/Trust Setup.

Disbursement/Trust Setup consists of three areas:

Trust Account

Information on your checking account and your check stock is configured on the Trust Accounts Setup screen.

Click Add Add and enter an account name and description for your disbursement account then click OK.

NLS 5.4 and later

The Active checkbox will be selected by default when each account is created. If the Active checkbox is not selected, the account will not be listed in the Disbursement Account drop down list found in Branch setup, Loan Group setup, Print Checks, and Process ACH.

Account Tab

Enter the Account Number and ABA number for your checking account.

Check Spec Tab

Select the appropriate entries in the Check File and Form Type drop down lists. NLS has been pre-configured to include a number of check formats, and is also capable of using pre-printed checks. If your check stock is not included, and you would like your system customized to include your check stock, contact Nortridge Software.

Check Detail Line 1 Typically your company name
Check Detail Line 2 Typically your company address
Check Detail Line 3 Typically the city, state, zip of your company address
Check Info 1 Typically the ABA number
Check Info 2 Typically the first four digits of the routing number
Check Info 3 Depending on your check stock, this line may be blank or may contain a reprint of the account number.
Current Check Number The check number of the last check that was printed out of NLS.
Default Check Printer

The default printer to use for printing checks. This may be changed in the Print dialog during check printing.

Use this printer exclusively Available when a Default Check Printer is specified. When selected, the printer selection cannot be changed in the print dialog prior to printing checks and is forced to print on the specified default check printer. This may be used to prevent a user from sending checks to unauthorized printers out of audit controls.
Pre-printed check Select if using pre-printed checks. When selected the detail, info, number, logo, and signature are not printed.
Branch ID and User ID will not be printed if this option is selected.5.15+
Check Logo Click …… to select a JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP file to print on the check.
Digital Signature Click …… to select a digital signature JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP file to print on the check.

Vendor Type

In the Vendor Type sub-category under Disbursement/Trust Setup, add the vendor codes and descriptions (e.g. Accounts Payable, Insurance Companies, Tax Authorities) so that these codes will be available for use when creating a voucher or setting up an Escrow Account.

Voucher Type

In the Voucher Type sub-category under Disbursement/Trust Setup, create your Voucher Codes so that they will be available for use when you later generate a voucher or configure an Escrow Setup.

Code Enter a name for the voucher type.
Tax Form

Specify whether to include this voucher in forms 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, or 1099-NEC. The voucher will not be included in the forms if NONE is specified.

1099 NEC added in NLS 5.23.
Accounting Type Identifies the voucher as a payable or a receivable type.
Max Cash Amt5.14+ If cash drawer is enabled when creating a new voucher type or updating an existing one, enter the allowable maximum amount of cash to be disbursed in the Max Cash Amt field. The amount entered will be the maximum total amount allowed to be disbursed from a cash drawer when disbursing funds for a voucher via cash drawer.
Do not include in Cash Disbursement5.15.1+ Selected contact type will not be included in the Disburse Funds via Cash Drawer list.
Description Enter a description for the voucher type.