Dealer Setup

Available in NLS 4.9.3 and later.

The K1 segment, which reports the original creditor name and creditor classification code, can be added to the credit bureau Metro 2 file. This feature is available on contact types with the dealer type flag set.

To enable K1 segment, select the dealer contact (a contact with its Contact Type set as DEALER) in the contact tree view and select View > Dealer Setup menuDealer Setup  .

Select Enable K1 segment. The Creditor Name field will automatically populate with the company name of the dealer contact associated with it. The creditor name can also be manually entered as needed. Select a Creditor Classification from the drop down list.

Creditor Classification Values:

    01 = Retail
    02 = Medical/Health Care
    03 = Oil Company
    04 = Government
    05 = Personal Services
    06 = Insurance
    07 = Educational
    08 = Banking
    09 = Rental/Leasing
    10 = Utilities
    11 = Cable/Cellular
    12 = Financial
    13 = Credit Union
    14 = Automotive
    15 = Check Guarantee

Click OK to save the changes.