Add a Contact

Click the CONTACT menu and select Add Contact…

Add Contact

or when on a Loan page, click the LOAN menu and select Add Contact….

Enter all relevant information in the Add Contact dialog.

Add Contact Dialog

Additional user defined fields can be accessed by clicking on one of the Detail, Demographics, and Financials tab.

Once you have finished entering the contact information, click the OK button OK to add the new contact to the database or click the Cancel button Cancel to cancel adding a contact. The dialog will close when either of the buttons are clicked.

Contact Page


All the data pertaining to a contact can be accessed from the Contact page. The essential information of a contact is shown at the top of the page.

Below it are tabs listing loans associated with the contact and for accessing other parts of the overall contact data.

Editing Extended Fields

Some fields—like the name, address, and phone fields—display data that is saved as multiple entries in the database in a way that is more natural and easier to read. To edit the data in these fields, click the More button Hamburger located within the field. A dialog will appear with each part of the data broken down into individual fields for editing.

Full Name

Once you have finished editing the information, click the OK button OK to save the changes or click the Cancel button Cancel to close the dialog without saving the changes.

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